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  1. Can you imagine a scenario where Labbitt Halsey Genomics’ experiment would be a success? What would the normals feel as a result?

  2. Instead of creating genius or advantage, should Labbitt Halsey have created a more equal ability – leveling the playing field?

  3. Are you relieved or disappointed that the experiment failed? Did it fail? Was it worth it?

  4. How do you feel about in vitro genetic manipulation? What if it cured Downs Syndrome or autism? What about choosing the gender of your child? Eye or hair color?

  5. Should geneticists be allowed to manipulate DNA to make someone more athletic, intelligent, or perhaps just to live longer?

  6. How much genetic engineering should we be doing? More? Less? Why?

  7. Is it playing God?

  8. With the tantalizing possibility, would you have considered their procedure for your own children? Do you know someone who might?

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