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  1. What character did you sympathize most with and why? What does that say about you?

  2. Who did you dislike the most? Why?

  3. Was Ann a good mother? Were her motives true?

  4. Should the parent-child relationship be different when the child has far superior intelligence? Should the child be given more freedom or rights or be able to make decisions? Are parent expectations different of that child?

  5. Might Ann have been better off embracing Henry’s fatalism?

  6. What were Leon’s motives? Were they altruistic or malignant?

  7. Should the government have done more to integrate and help these people?

  8. Do you think the government and contractors really operate this way?

  9. Have you witnessed a breach in business ethics like Ann’s? Did you feel your position would be compromised if you blew the whistle?

  10. Was Steve’s anger justified? Misplaced?

  11. Would you have forgiven Ann if you were Calvin? Did he overreact?

  12. Did you feel Ann could have salvaged her relationship with Calvin if she had been more honest? Less honest?

  13. Was Ann raped? Was Sicherman raped? Were they both raped? Neither?

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