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New by Andrew M. Ryan

The Substance of Spacetime: Infinity, Nothingness, and the Nature of Matter by Andrew M. Ryan is the second edition of Ryan’s work of theoretical physics and is now available where books are sold. This iteration of the book has been fully revised with a completely new final chapter that considers several of the current puzzles being debated today by the leading cosmologists. In this book, Ryan proposes a simple, physical model of spacetime as the basic substance of the universe.

The Substance of Spacetime Front CoverDoes Spacetime Exist?

If spacetime does not exist, it certainly does so in an unusual way. It curves and bends in response to massive objects. It warps in response to high velocities. It prohibits faster-than-light travel. What are we to make of the curvature, the warping, and the pressure of nothingness itself, a mere abstraction? The Substance of Spacetime sets out to investigate these questions and the answers are truly astonishing. Treating spacetime, not merely as a geometric abstraction, but as a real physical substance, opens a window onto reality that would otherwise be impossible to even contemplate.

If spacetime exists, everything changes.

Ryan maintains a blog with new material and further explications of key concepts at

OPUS – The Espresso Book Machine Printing The Labbitt Halsey Protocol

I have been fascinated with The Espresso Book Machine, a full book production printing press in one, since they first came out a few years ago. To see it in action, I took a trip over to Politics and Prose Bookstore in Washington, DC and had them print up a copy of The Labbitt Halsey Protocol, a novel set in the Washington Metro area. If you’d like to see a fully produced and polished video of this machine, OnDemand books has a very nice video. But, I recommend seeing it in person. I hope you enjoy my iPhone videography until then.



My thanks to David and Politics & Prose bookstore for indulging my curiosity.

Happy Reading Australia!

Gadfly, publisher of The Labbitt Halsey Protocol, has joined Lightning Source Australia by adding their catalog to the already vast database.  Serving Australia, New Zealand and Asia, LS Australia brings books to readers faster and cheaper than ever before. Request The Labbitt Halsey Protocol at your favorite bookstore.

Ann Franklin Interview by Stacy S. Eaton

Stacy S. Eaton, fellow author and blogger, interviewed Ann Franklin, protagonist of The LWorld Literary Cafeabbitt Halsey Protocol  by Andrew Ryan, for her Author Spotlight blog. The wide ranging interview addresses such topics as Ann’s least favorite character trait, the most difficult section of the book, and her personal reflections on the struggle to save her son. Author Spotlight is a feature on the World Literary Café, a web community dedicated to uniting readers and authors.

To get inside the story from Ann’s perspective, read the entire interview at the World Literary Cafe.

UNReason Launches – a blog by Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan has launched a new blog, UNReason ( In this space, Ryan embarks on a critical exploration of Reason, plucking it from its academic perch and examining its tangible impact on our lives. Ryan poses the following thesis, one that has historically been the province of philosophers alone.

Reason, masquerading as both the minimum prerequisite of intellectual coherence as well as the apex of human ingenuity, has systematically undermined every traditional and modern attempt to find a satisfying and compelling meaning of life. This ongoing, and perhaps accelerating, demolition of meaning has left us so devoid of purpose, so unsure of ourselves and our culture, that we now lack the conviction needed to defend ourselves or our values, and we are slowly committing demographic suicide.

Esoteric as this topic may appear on its face, it dominates, more or less explicitly, nearly every aspect of our political, cultural, scientific, and religious conversation. The reviews, essays, commentaries, and discussions on his new blog, if successful, will illustrate the depth of the crisis and the urgency of a solution.


Great Review! Thanks “Mountain Folk”

“Make no mistake about it – this book is disturbing. But in a good way. It will make you think, rethink, and then wonder “could this really happen?” Ryan is dead on in his philosophical approach and scientifically based writing. And a good writer he is. This book will hold your attention until the last page. No spoiler here, but I can assure you that even the brightest reader will be fooled at several junctures in this book. Read this book and wonder. And be prepared for the future. Very highly recommended!”

“Mountain Folk” from North Carolina

Goodreads Giveaway!

Gadfly has posted a giveaway of The Labbitt Halsey Protocol by Andrew M. Ryan on Goodreads. There are only a few days left to put your name in for a FREE copy. While you are there, don’t forget to check out his Author page and become a fan.


Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Labbitt Halsey Protocol by Andrew M. Ryan

The Labbitt Halsey Protocol

by Andrew M. Ryan

Giveaway ends October 25, 2011.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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Congrats to the Caption Contest Winners!

Thank you to the Goodreads Ladies and Literature Group! We ran a caption contest looking for the two best captions for the cover of The Labbitt Halsey Protocol and came out with some VERY creative entries. Here are the results.

Awards were chosen in two categories – 1. Closest to the story of the book and 2. The most fun or unexpected caption.

The Labbitt Halsey Protocol
a novel by Andrew Ryan "Hmmmm, do I really need my soul?" "I didn’t know that a dinosaur could use a compass?!!"

And, the WINNERS are:

Closest to the book:

WINNER: “Hmmmm, do I really need my soul?” Submitted by Roseann

Honorable mentions:

“See in the shadow while committing pen to page,
What darkness surrounds the small circle of light for thy son, a sage.” Submitted by Marlene

“Utopia beckons, but at what price?” Submitted by Jessa

Most fun or unexpected:

WINNER: “I didn’t know that a dinosaur could use a compass?!!” Submitted by Patricia

Honorable mentions:

“Lawyer Gang Signs” Submitted by Shannon

“Just sign here…no, here…NO! HERE!!!” Submitted by Gianna

Congratulations Roseann and Patricia!